Sezairi teases new album with brand new single “Restless Love”

Restless Love by Sezairi

Sezairi has dropped his brand new smooth R&B inspired beat love ballad Restless Love, where he contemplates about the disconnected connection of modern dating. The song is produced by Josh Fontaine(BENEE) and co-written with Brooke Toia who was also behind … Continue reading

Jon Chua JX Meddles with Time in “The Intro” Featuring Julia Duclos

Co-founder and creative director of Zendyll Records and managing director of Zendyll Productions Jon Chua JX has released his latest R&B inspired masterpiece, The Intro. The Intro has a pop-filled rhythm with an urban-centric twist. Focusing on the evolutionary aspect of … Continue reading

Joe Flizzow on Drop-ping his Latest Single

The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to chat with Sony-Kartel artiste, Joe Flizzow earlier this month. The 38 year old Malaysian rapper and entrepreneur was dressed in his own clothing line which will soon be released. He spilled the beans on his … Continue reading