The Team

Hi guys! We’re a bunch of passionate individuals who one day, thought that it would be a fun idea to put all our passions together and voila, The Fifth Parlour was born.

Presenting our writers:

Hello! I’m Atiqah and I’m a Communications and PR graduate.  Music and writing have become a huge part of my life and I have to admit that I can’t live without both! I have been blogging for years on my personal blog and just started a baking blog. I write about everything under the sun. You can check out some of my articles on Youth.SG. I aspire to be part of the entertainment industry and learn the ropes in organizing a concert or events. Any offers? 😉

Hello! I’m Clarissa and I’m 20. I’ve got a passion for photography and music. Music plays a very important role in my life, basically I can’t live without music. I’m also into all things Korean, hence I will be contributing to more of the “K-Pop” scene in this website. I spend my time watching my favourite dramas online or spend time with my loved ones/friends. I’m a bubbly person by nature and I love making people laugh and seeing them smile.


Greetings earthlings! I’m Fiza, the resident make-up enthusiast. Definitely not claiming to be an expert but I love sharing my passion and tips and tricks. I am a business graduate and have been thrust into the cruel working world. But that doesn’t mean that I have neglected my other love which are music and books which resulted in me joining forces to contribute to this blog!

Hello I’m Lila! Currently I am an art teacher. During my free time I like scrapbooking and general DIY stuff. I truly believe that handmades gifts are the best gifts as they come from the heart. I like singing too and I am open to all kinds of genre from Indie to Kpop. I simply cannot wait to explore the music and arts and contribute to this site. So hope to see you guys around!

Peace be upon you. I’m Nazurah. You will find me in gigs and concert. I am into Malay and Indonesian entertainment and lifestyle as well as K-Pop. I hope I will be able to share my thoughts and experiences basking in the different cultures and music. I love watching cooking shows as they inspire me! Keep a lookout of the recipes I will share in our Nom section.

Hi! 🙂 I am Shaz and I enjoy listening to ballads and reading Archie comics in my free time! “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” – Albert Einstein.

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