The Team

Hi guys! We’re a bunch of passionate individuals who one day, thought that it would be a fun idea to put all our passions together and voila, The Fifth Parlour was born.

Presenting our writers:


Humanitarian. Freelance Writer. Music Enthusiast. That basically sums up who I am. Hello everyone, I’m Atiqah, the founder of The Fifth Parlour! I’ve been blogging since my secondary school days and thought it would be cool to own an entertainment and lifestyle website where I can share with everyone the happenings in Singapore!


Hello everyone! I’m Clarissa. Growing up, music and photography has been my passion. Music plays an important role in my life, it’s like my best friend. Photography has always taught me how every single picture tells a different story and how pictures can become a significant form of wonderful memory. I hope I’ll be able to share my passion of both music and photography through this blog. Stay tuned!


Greetings earthlings! I’m Fiza, the resident make-up enthusiast. Definitely not claiming to be an expert but I love sharing my passion and tips and tricks. I am a business graduate and have been thrust into the cruel working world. But that doesn’t mean that I have neglected my other love which are music and books which resulted in me joining forces to contribute to this blog!


I’m Hafiz, an adventurer and open-minded individual who enjoys travelling to unique destinations for self-exploration. I am passionate about films, music concerts, British humour and enjoy going to festivals such as the annual film festival in Busan. I am the last child of the last child (no Game of Thrones reference intended) who enjoys coffee.


Peace be upon you. I’m Nazurah. You will find me in gigs and concert. I am into Malay and Indonesian entertainment and lifestyle as well as K-Pop. I hope I will be able to share my thoughts and experiences basking in the different cultures and music.


Hey, my name is Shah! Music is my number one passion and I love going to live concerts in Singapore and overseas whenever I get the opportunity! I enjoy listening to Metal, Hardcore and Rock but I do listen to Pop and K-pop based on my mood! 😝 I’m also a movie buff! So expect reviews of Rock and Metal concerts and movies coming from me.


I’m Vee, a multi-disciplinary creative who has had a lifelong passion for the arts and have been involved in mediums such as graphic design, music and writing. I’m currently exploring the realm of photography, with an enthusiasm for concert and portrait photography. Holding the belief that we can’t be defined by one label, I continue to explore the creative industry as a multipotentialite.


Hello, I’m Vivian! I love music and photography and there isn’t a day I do not listen to music. I enjoy listening to Mando pop before I get in touch with Kpop. Both has different language but at the same time, music speaks for itself and connects people all over the world with whatever language. I’m also interested in entertainment, not just music but drama’s and movies. I’m a fan of most of the Marvel works.

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