Introducing Indie Alternative Band – Midnight Fusic

Midnight Fusic was in Singapore two weeks ago for Baybeats. This is not the first time the band has played outside of their hometown of Malaysia. They recently performed at We The Fest in Jakarta. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to chat and get to know the band a bit better.

The four piece indie alternative band is comprised of Arif Kamarudin, Adrian Danial, Firdaus Azmi and Muaz Rabbani. So what is the story behind Midnight Fusic?

Credits: Midnight Fusic

Midnight aptly describes the band’s habit of staying up late till midnight, just like any young person their age. It’s no surprise that the band members love to play Fortnite, hence why they’re often up so late!

On the other hand, there are dual meanings behind Fusic. Originally, according to the band, it was a combination of food and music. However, along the way, the band felt that it should stand for something more professional thus Fusic eventually ended up being a combination of fusion and music.

Credits: Midnight Fusic

The band has just released their first extended play (EP), When Love was Around. The EP was recorded in Jakarta back in March together with the band Pijar.

“We were lucky enough to work with them as they helped us a lot in the process of the recording,” shared the band. “And we are super glad with the outcome.” The six songs on the EP were written based on the band’s past experiences.

What is next for the band?

Midnight Fusic will be performing at Urbanscapes in November alongside international artistes such as Khalid, Wolf Alice and Bil Musa.

The band has garnered 22,000 fans across 56 countries through their first single and have opened for LANY when they performed in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year.

Nothing is stopping Midnight Fusic and I’m sure we will get to hear and see more of them this year.

Stay tuned to their Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Midnight Fusic for the interview and Sony Music Singapore for coordinating the interview.

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