Jon Chua JX Releases Give It Back!

Australian-born artist, Jon Chua JX is back with his latest single, Give It Back after having a successful solo debut with Ready for Ya!

Credits: Bobby Tonelli

With the mix of hip-hop inspired beats and pop melodies, Give It Back sweeps through an absorbable amount of talented musical influences from an auditory standpoint while recognising the struggles within the inner conflicts through its lyrics. The song is an expression towards the longing of getting back to the untroubled times of life during an unpleasant romantic experience.

The ambiguous track highlights the creative horizons of Jon as a musician, creating stories of his personal life through music. Catchy beats throughout the song and chorus with perfectly rhymed lyrics such as, “Baby could you give my life back, Baby could you give my life back. Why you keep me guessing like that, I just really want my life back“. The brainchild of this song was co-written with FLANNEL ALBERT, an international artiste. Additionally, he engaged vocal production expertise from local producer/artist, Evanturetime.

Give It Back is now available on Spotify and all major music streaming platforms!

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