About Us

In a nutshell

We are an entertainment and lifestyle blog which aims to bring the latest news and happenings of the entertainment world and create awareness of the happenings in Singapore.

The Fifth Parlour is the result of five friends (Some are still around, some have moved onto other bigger and better things) who are passionate about mainly entertainment, food, beauty, travelling and fashion. Each of us brings a different dynamic to the group and that is what we believe sets us apart. That very dynamism, is reflected in our blog.

We’ve got our pulse on the ground.  

Albeit being small, Singapore is a bustling city chockfull of activities all year long. We want to give our dear readers the latest news as well as up close and personal with the artistes whenever possible. Whenever given the opportunity, we also cover overseas events.

Our entertainment section covers a wide spectrum from interviews, concerts, launch of new records, shows, performances, celebrity appearances and many more.

Our lifestyle section covers a wide spectrum from our passion for food, fashion, sports and travel. We read somewhere that “…one should travel not to escape, but to not let life escape us.” Travelling is a passion that we all share. Be it regional or international, crossing seas and continents, we’ve been bitten by the travel bug and we are not afraid to spread it!

We also would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our blog and we hope you enjoy the ride!

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