Gentle Bones Explores Love with Tay KeWei for his First Mandarin Single – ‘你还不知道’

Local singer-song writer, Gentle Bones released his first ever Mandarin single ‘你还不知道?’ with Tay KeWei (郑可为).

Credits: Cross Ratio Entertainment Facebook

‘你还不知道?’ is a soothing ballad with lyrics that reflects on the current generation perspective of love. The lyrics itself express the different stages of love such as being curious, the willingness to commit to each other, promises made, uncertainties, anxiety and quarrels that couples may encounter along the way.

Gentle Bones and Tay KeWei had been involved in similar events for numerous times before but there wasn’t a chance for any collaborative projects. Till a recommendation from a mutual friend, both began to communicate and brainstormed ideas online which finally led to the birth of the Mandarin single.

Credits: Cross Ratio Entertainment Facebook

Gentle Bones also revealed that he had admired JJ Lin’s 林俊傑 music since young and was an influence to his own music composition. He also hopes to release more Mandarin singles while he works hard on the language.

‘你还不知道?’ is now available on Spotify and all major music streaming platforms! Stay connected to Gentle Bones via his social medias: Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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