Afgan captured 3000 hearts at his sold out concert in Kuala Lumpur

Afgan  performed to close to 3000 fans at his sold out solo concert on 18th September, at the Plenary Hall of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Credits: Afgansyah Reza Facebook Lucky for him, one of his wishes came true. Afgan has been dreaming … Continue reading

[REVIEW] Attack on Titan 2: End of the World 《进击的巨人2:世界末日》

Since the live-action of Attack on Titan‘s release, many fans of the award-winning manga/anime and newcomers to the franchise alike have been scrambling to make sense of the movie. While some movie-goers found the movie adaptation entertaining, most critics and … Continue reading

안녕하세요 and Welcome to SGKprefest

안녕하세요~ The 2nd K-S Supporters Ceremony was held at Joyden Hall, Bugis+ last Tuesday to celebrate the appointment of K-S supporters. In addition, the event was also held in conjunction to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Korea-Singapore diplomatic relations. The event … Continue reading