The exception to the rule: Skechers Sundown Festival 2019 in its 10th year!

Music fans know this when I say, music festivals don’t last that long due to the high monetary cost, time and energy needed. We have seen festivals come and go in Singapore. Skechers Sundown Festival is the exception to the rule. The festival has been going on for 10 strong years. And with their 10th anniversary, Skechers decided to go all out.


Skechers Sundown Festival or SSF for short is a festival held every year in Singapore and it showcases artist from all over Asia including talents from Japan and South Korea. This year, Skechers brought Korea’s big boy band, iKon and MFBTY, and Japan Electric/Metalcore band Crossfaith to be the headliners.


Not to be outdone by the headliners, Day 1 and Day 2 of the festival ended at 3am with non stop sets from Local and overseas DJ. We got to give it to Skechers for showcasing our local Singaporean acts like DJ Koflow, Sufi Rashid, Lion City Boy and many more.


Overall I think the festival will go as far as 20 years down the road if they can cater to fans in Singapore and around the asia region! Here’s to more Skechers Sundown Festival!