FLANNEL ALBERT & Estelle Fly Justify Long Distance Relationship and Tough Love this Valentine’s Day with Darker Liquor (The Remix)

Darker Liquor resonates the beauty of imperfect relationship between two lovers, on top of the distance and time difference. It further narrates the subtle melancholic and self-destructive behaviour of a break-up. The FaceTime like scenarios, communicates the lovers hope to seek redemption for the failed relationship. Finally, the slurred flow and its guitar companion brings it into a perfect combination of catchy phrases and melodies.


Credits: Zendyll Records

The brainchild of the remix was a collaboration between Los Angeles based, Korean rapper, FLANNEL ALBERT (Albert Joo) with his counterpart, Singapore based, electro pop singer-dancer, Estelle Fly during the writing camp held in Singapore by Zendyll Records and Universal Music Publishing.

Instead of composing those love letters with the ever so common phrases such as roses and red, violets are blue, share your deepest fears and show your loved ones you care without needing to say, I love you this Valentine’s Day.

Complete your Valentine’s Day playlist with Darker Liquor (The Remix) on Spotify!


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