Free your Mind and Learn New Moves from Jaylerr x Paris this Valentine’s Day!

Thailand’s television personalities, Jaylerr and Paris have just released their latest music, ดี๊ดี (Unexpected). The last we heard from the duo was at 2019’s Thaipop in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The music video has since garnered more than 4 million views ever since the release on Friday.

Set in a retro landscape, the music video features a stylised diner with a jukebox, milkshakes with colourful straws, red cushion seats with kitchen doors that swings whenever an order is ready. The well-detailed aesthetics painted across the background is similar to those you see in the famous comic book-inspired drama, Riverdale!

Credits: Nadao Music

ดี๊ดี (Unexpected) narrates the feelings of someone falling in love at first sight and the excitement it brings through a well elaborate dream! As the music starts, three actors paraded the dancefloor dressed in leopard prints, cowboy-like fringes, silk and shiny sequins outfits. The video featured well-choreographed moves by Jaylerr, Paris and a special appearance by Thai designer and personality, Nathalie Ducheine.

This song is just in time for Valentine’s Day. Add this song to your playlist on Spotify!

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