Review: Gentle Bones’ new sound – Geniuses & Thieves

Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones is back with a new sound in his latest single, Geniuses & Thieves. Moving on from indie folk-pop like tunes such as Save Me and Elusive, the singer-songwriter is moving towards a much more synthetic and bass driven electronic type of music.

Geniuses & Thieves is the single from his upcoming EP. The song is pretty groovy and you cannot help but to dance along when the bass drops. The video for the song is also rather attractive and nice with all the different types of lightings.

After postponing his debut concert due to performing permits in Indonesia, Gentle Bones will finally be performing at the Esplanade concert hall on June 10 and 11. The concert will feature songs from his debut EP as well as his upcoming second EP. Fans who are interested in watching him live can purchase the June 11’s tickets from SISTIC.

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