Forever Still is here to Break The Glass with their new single 

Last year, The Fifth Parlour had the privilege to review Demark’s band Forever Still’s debut album before it was out in January. Now, the band has released their very first single, Break The Glass. 

The single gives you the vibes from Breaking Benjamin’s Diary Of Jane. The mellowness of the song and the bass in the single itself is the main core of the song. With the vocals from their front lead vocalist, Maja, the single itself shows the diversity of the band which just make the single more worth listening to. Never did I not enjoy every single minute of the song headbanging.

With their debut album Tied Down having the same concept, Forever Still shows the world of rock that they are here to stay and make an impression.

Rock lovers, do check out this band because they are dubbed as the Flyleaf and Halestorm of Denmark!

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