3 reasons to be #TeamCivilWar

Even before its actual release, Captain America: Civil War has been highly rated as the “best Marvel movie” with 97% tomatometer review. I would not judge if it would be the “best” but it is definitely one of the biggest Marvel film with new additions to the Avengers ensemble.

Credits: Marvel

The plot picked up from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) as Captain America continued his own storyline after Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (2015). After years of superpower battling among cities, the Avengers team has left many places destructed with countless casualties. Now, world leaders proposed for the team to be kept controlled under authorities. And when Rogers opposed this global agreement and protected Bucky, the team was divided into two: #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan.

No spoilers but there are three highlights I absolutely enjoyed:

1. Justified presence of individual superheroes

This may be a Captain America film but directors were able to justify the presence of every superhero with greater emphasis on their relationships with Rogers. I guess nothing much needs to be elaborated about Falcon and Bucky. Particularly towards Wanda, Rogers sought to be her friend and mentor as she struggled with her fears. Some may argue that the storyline may have too little focus on just Steve Rogers but since the formation of Avengers, everyone have been strongly tied together. How else can Captain America be isolated?

2. The union of Marvel superheroes

This film was pretty much a homecoming event for the Marvel superheroes or maybe, just the new additions of Spiderman and Antman, each siding a team. Not to mention additional jaw-dropping superpower effects and teamwork which almost tore the Leipzig/Halle Airport into halves, Spiderman and Antman definitely brought about great laughs during superhero fights. Both share great and refreshing sense of humour.

3. Escalating conflict between Captain America and Iron Man

Credits: Marvel

#TeamCap and #TeamIronMan did not just end there. The relationship triangle with Captain America, Iron Man and Bucky gave rise to a second climax with greater friction and more explosive fights. No spoilers but this image tells it all.

Under the directions of the Russo brothers, Civil War is definitely more than just an action-packed movie as ties strengthened among the members… or have ties worsened? Find it out yourself and also verify if Sebastian Stan’s “heart-breaking” comment was true.

Be sure to catch Captain America: Civil War in theatres from April 28!

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