Perfume wows the crowd at sold-out Singapore leg of “Perfume World Tour 3rd”!

The bubbly trio – Perfume Credit: Clarence Aw

“Nocchi!” “Kashiyuka!” “A~chan!” The fans kept chanting these names last Sunday (2nd November 2014) at Resorts World Theatre. Perfume, consisting of Ayano Omoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki was in Singapore for their 2nd solo concert and they sure did not disappoint the 1500 full-strength crowd! The bubbly trio Jpop girl group performed their hits to the like ‘Chocolate Disco’ and new songs like ‘Spring of Life’ from their latest album “LEVEL3”.

What makes their live fun are their interactions with fans. The girls first greeted the fans with, “Tadaima”, which the fans then replied with “Okaeri”. During the introduction, they asked for a volunteer who understood Japanese to be their translator so that everyone who came will understand what they were saying. One of their fans volunteered and did a very good job in conveying their messages to the rest who were there in that concert.

Perfume’s friendly nature truly stood out from the way they shared their experiences here in Singapore. They recalled their trip to Sentosa Merlion and shared their experience of looking out from the mouth of the iconic statue. As the weather was very hot, they ended up eating ice popsicles under the big Merlion statue at Sentosa. Due to time constraints, they were unable to go on the cable car. They also shared how they were extremely touched by the effort the Singaporean hotel’s staff put in into translating the whole hotel’s menu into Japanese for them, making it easier for them to order the food.

With that plus the continuous cheering from the fans in the hall, the girls felt so welcomed here and said that they would like take those feelings of gratitude and give it all back to the fans via their performances that day, in which they did!

Credit: Esther Tay

So what else happened during the concert? We will reveal more after Perfume’s last show on the 15th November 2014 in Hammerstein Ballroom, New York. This will also be their very first debut performance in USA.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Chen Ruiling from Amuse Entertainment Singapore for the invitation. 

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