Ethan Juan’s 24hrs in Singapore

Ethan Juan is was in Singapore last week to promote his upcoming movie, Paradise In Service. During his 24hrs stay, his schedule was packed with two public events and various interviews with media. Despite his hectic schedule, his warm smiles, in addition to enthusiasm and friendly interactions with hosts and the audience during events, definitely made his trip unforgettable for all.

Ethan Juan at Paradise In Service press conference on 27th Oct 2014

During the press conference, Ethan expressed his excitement back in Singapore for the second time this year and shared about his recollections during the shooting of Paradise In Service. He recalled a few moments when he lost control of his emotions and shed tears during the shooting. He later went on about the director’s, Doze Niu, dismay over the incident as that was not the appropriate time of the plot for Ethan to express his sorrows towards the character and time period of the film.

Among the questions, Ethan also joked about his third collaboration with Doze Niu, replying that he accepted the character offer solely because Doze Niu approached him with it. He continued, answering that he was afraid to reject and anger the director. However, he later clarified that he accepted the offer as it was a rare opportunity which allowed him to enter the past into the time period. The film was set in the era of political turmoil where his grandparents had lived through and once narrated to him when he was a child. Having a special and deep feeling towards the film’s setting, he urged the audience to step into the theaters to watch and appreciate the film.

The press conference ended with a question about his arduous and highly demanding training period in preparation for the film. He expressed that one of his greatest driving forces to endure through was the accompaniment of his buddies. They became his morale boosters as they supported each other through the entire training period.

Ethan and his selfie shot taken together with the crowd at Bedok Mall

After the press conference and interviews, Ethan had a short break before appearing at Bedok Mall. There, Ethan was warmly welcomed on stage and three lucky contestants participating in the Best Female Lead event had the opportunity to showcase their acting skills in front of Ethan, playing the role of Ivy Chen in the film. From their short exciting performances, Ethan was asked to select the best contestant who successfully portrayed Ivy’s role in the film. In less than an hour, Ethan managed to win the crowd with his enthusiastic participation as the judge of the event and won the crowd’s applause and screams when he initiated selfie shots to be taken with the crowd.

Ethan appearing for his last public event of the day at Paradise In Service movie premiere

The day ended with Ethan at the red carpet of Paradise In Service movie premiere held at Golden Village, VivoCity. He later proceeded to enter the theaters and warmly greeted the audience before the movie was screened. Although the movie premiere was exclusive for ticket holders, Ethan’s voice could be clearly heard from outside when he interacted with the audience.

In this short but anticipated stay, Ethan has definitely left good impressions among the media and audience. For his fans, it has definitely been unforgettable to catch him up close during the public events. Paradise In Service is set to release in Singapore on November 6 and it is certainly a film not to be missed. You can check out our review of the movie!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Shelin and Yiwen from Encore Films for the invitation. 

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