Lee Min Ho & His Charming Fan Service

Lee Min Ho was in Singapore yesterday for OSIM’s 35th anniversary. The public event at Causeway Point saw a lot of fans gathering at the shopping centre early in the morning hours before the event. Soon, every floor in the shopping centre is filled with fans and curious onlookers. All eyes were glued to the red carpet near the stage.

Lee Min Ho amazed by the number of fans in the building

Close to 3.30pm, loud cheers were heard. This only indicates one thing, the charming actor is finally in the building! While walking the red carpet, the actor stopped to interact with the fans. Some even got to touch his hands. Lee shared that he was honoured to be the face of OSIM’s uDiva as he feels that the brand is trustworthy. After saying hello and posed for their cameras, it is time to get the party started.

Five lucky fans who bought the uDiva got to meet Lee upclose and personal. How upclose and personal, you asked?

Before getting a reward, the fans were asked to answer a question. The rewards they received is something out of your imagination. It is not your typical reward. They were the envy of others who were watching what has happening on stage. I could hear a lot of hearts shattered that day.

Lee applying lip gloss on the lucky fan!

Lee feeding a fan chicken rice!

Lee making a heart shape!

Lee and a fan trying to burst a balloon that was placed in between both of them!

Quite personal indeed! Close body contact and a picture with your idol is what dreams are made of. Looks like dreams did come true for these fans. Lee seems to be comfortable doing every task and even made the effort to bend down during photo taking. Lee ensured that every task he does puts a smile on his fans’ face.

The tall actor also made the effort to acknowledge fans who were rooting for him from level 1 to level 4. This only got him more cheers from the crowd. What is an anniversary without some champagne and cake to celebrate the joyous occasion. Those who were at Causeway Point were treated to Lee’s rendition of Happy Birthday. He made sure that the crowd sang along with him.

It is now a tradition for celebrities to end am event with a picture with the fans in the background. Just look at how cute Min Ho is squatting with his peace sign. By the end of the 45 minutes, he has made fans fall in love with not only his looks but also his personality. For sure, after this, he has converted some of the curious onlookers to a fan!

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