Taufik Batisah’s decade-long journey to “Fique”

Credits: Hype Records

Singapore’s very first Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah, launched his 5th album ‘Fique’ at Causeway Point shopping mall. This album consists of 13 songs; a mixture of R&B, hip hop and ballads, most of which were originally composed by him including the melodies. This album also serves as a commemoration of Taufik being in the music industry for 10 years.

‘Fique’, was named after a local group called Bonafide which he was in 14 years ago. The group, Bonafide, played songs which consisted of hip hop and R&B with fellow rapper, Mark Bonafide.

Credits: Hype Records

Taufik’s song, Menakluk Cinta, was the theme song for Kasih Berbisik, a Malaysia/Singapore drama collaboration. Shortly after the drama aired in Malaysia, the song became popular with the people. Another song titled Cinta Bernyawa, was done as a duet with a Malaysian singer named Shila Amzah. The story behind the song is about a lady who has to end her love journey with a man due to unforeseen circumstances. Lastly, the song Ikrar Kasih, was used for a Malaysian drama titled ‘Luluhnya Sebuah Ikrar’ and also for a Singapore tele-movie, ‘Demi Adriana’.

Credits: Taufik Batisah

The two hosts for Taufik’s album launch also mentioned that Taufik have been nominated for awards in the upcoming ‘Anguerah Planet Music’ (which is the regional version of the Grammy Awards) in recognition for all Malay songs originated from countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia which will be held on 17 October 2014 at Suntec City. A total of 19 awards will be handed out and Taufik has been nominated for 4 categories: Most popular Singapore artist, Singapore’s most popular song (Ikrar Kasih), APM’s Most Popular Artiste and the Social Media Icon Award.

Credits: Hype Records

The hosts also added on to say that ever since Taufik’s first album launch, the response had always been great. Also in this album, the song titled ‘’Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa’’, Taufik conveyed his sincere appreciation for his late uncle, A Ramlie, for his valuable advice and guidance.

Last but not least, he expressed his sincere thanks to his fans who have constantly supported him throughout his career.

“Fique’’ will officially be out in stores on 1st October 2014. Go grab your copy soon!

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