Empress Ki’s star, Ha Ji Won shares her passion for action scenes and gives tips on how to stay youthful and healthy!

Ha Ji Won’s Eye-Smile

South Korean actress, Ha Ji Won is the epitome of girl power. To cite a few, her roles in Secret Garden, Sector 7 and most recently, the 51-episodes historical drama TV series, Empress Ki has gained her the calling of that of an Iron Woman and Warrior Girl. Widely famous for taking on physically demanding roles, the 36 year old actress is showing no sign of cutting down her action scenes any time soon.

Dressed in a simple yet elegant red dress along with light make-up, Ha exudes charisma as she greeted the media at the press conference for Empress Ki in Singapore last afternoon. In contrast to the tough and feisty girl on screen, Ha showed her feminine side, often smiling and laughing gracefully while sweeping her hair back as she answers questions from the media.

Strong and rough as she may be on screen, a woman is still who she is. According to Ha, her friends were surprised to see her on screen. “They know I am nowhere near the characters that I play. I am not a tomboy and I was probably the most feminine and quietest among all my friends,” said Ha. However, the excitement of taking on a character that is very much different from who she is off screen is the reason why she enjoys shooting action scenes and plans to do more of it in her acting career.

During the press conference, Ha also shared her challenges when filming Empress Ki. Not only is the role physically demanding, it was also emotionally demanding with the numerous evolutions of her characters. The 51-episode drama took over six to seven months to film. During that period of time, she only had less than five hours of sleep. She added, “I had a scene with Ji Changwook on the beach and we were riding horses for 7-8 hours straight.  It was really difficult for both of us. We had bruises all over our legs and couldn’t walk for days”. Despite all that, she mentioned that she had a great time filming the drama alongside with co-stars Joo Jin-mo and Ji Chang-wook and is thankful for the great chemistry between the casts.

Ha also gave tips on staying youthful and healthy. To manage her complexion, she focuses largely on her diet and mostly, ate nuts, fruits and yoghurts. In addition, she carries weights to keep her healthy and toned and added that while doing cardio is important, having muscles in one’s body is as equally important. Ha added that it is important to relieve stress and shared that whenever she’s feeling stress, she would heal herself by listening to good music, reading books and her favourite designer magazines or take a walk and get closer to nature. Ha express her hopes of being a better actress and believes that through all this, she is able to show healthy acting and not being superficial.

Ha Ji Won

This marks the second visit for the star and be sure not to miss her this afternoon (27th September), at Plaza Singapura 5pm for her Meet & Greet Session with fans. StarHub will be airing Empress Ki (기황후) via VV Drama CH 855 from Monday to Friday, 5:45PM. Be sure not to miss it!

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