2014, a great year for Room 94

2014 seems to be a good year for the boys of Room 94. If you are wondering who is Room 94, you can check out the interview we did with the boys last August.

Currently, the boys are on tour with Union J. They have recently released a new music video titled, When I Was A Teenager.

This video was on the trending list days after the video was released. The video depicts what a teenager usually does at a party such as drinking, having fun, going crazy and the list goes on. You might find yourself reminiscing to the days when you were a teenager and wish you could turn back time and enjoy the time of your life!

Other than touring and rehearsing for their biggest UK tour in February, an album is on the way too. Their debut album, No Strings Attached, will be out on March 10. You can start to pre-order the album on iTunes now!

2014 have just started but the boys have so many things at hand. From touring to rehearsing and the debut album, it sure feel like these boys will be kept busy for the first half of the year. Time to check out this band if you have not because soon, you will see them everywhere.

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