Rewind: My Favourite Highway!

It’s the second week of January 2014 and I figured it’s time that I actually stopped lazing around and start clearing my old notes and make way for new materials for the coming semester. So, while clearing my stuffs, I put my playlist on shuffle and in 20 minutes, 3 of my favourite tracks from My Favourite Highway (MFH) was played! It was a clear sign for me to dig out their old albums and listen to their songs.

My Favourite Highway is a Virginia indie-pop quartet band consisting of members Dave Cook, Will Cook, Pat Jenkins and Bobby Morgenthaler.  They first made a name for themselves back in 2004 and released 2 EPs and 1 full-length album(The Pre-Release, Anywhere But Here & How to Call A Bluff) without a label and yet managed to gain over 100,000 downloads in digital sales. Even though the band has announced that they’ll be closing their chapter as a band back in 2010, their music still lives on.

With an amazing discography, it’s impossible for me to choose only one track as my favourite song. Here are a few of my favourite tracks by MFH! As I listen to their songs, it got me reminiscing of my secondary school days! Even though i’m listening to their old materials, it never gets boring. I guess it’s true. There’s never an expiry date when it comes to good music! Enjoy 🙂

Say So

Steel City


Bigger than Love

In My Heart

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