Sundown Festival Press Conference

On November 16, the fifth annual Sundown Festival 2013 was held at the F1 Pit Building at Marina Promenade. The Sundown Festival is a unique event that unites southeast Asian countries in Singapore to showcase their diverse music and culture. Festival goers get to experience non-stop entertainment from the acts present and also, get to taste the bona fide street food source from the participating Asian countries.

This year’s Sundown Festival had an amazing line-up of 10 talented acts from eight Asian countries including Screw (Japan), D=OUT (Japan), AOA (Korea), Bosco Wong (Hong Kong), Shao Yu Han (China), Yoga Lin (Taiwan), Nidji (Indonesia), Rico Blanco (Philippines), Rock Steddy (Philippines) and No More Tear (Thailand). A day before the much-anticipated festival, a press conference was held at Marina Mandarin Hotel and we got to know more about the artistes who were present.

Screw’s Jin and his marvelous long hair

For Screw fans that are curious about how fast Jin’s hair grows, it’s about 1 centimetre every half month. If you do the math, you’ll be able to calculate how long it took for Jin to grow his hair to his current length now! About performing on the same stage with another visual-kei band (D=OUT), Screw said that they don’t see them as competitors. “We don’t feel the pressure at all. We’re really good friends.” They revealed they were under the same management company and they actually look forward to performing together with D=OUT. It will be the first time Screw performs outside of Japan and they said they will do their best for the performance.

D-OUT during their introductions. From Left to Right, Hikaru, Reika, Kouki, Minase, Ibuki.

D=OUT made the members of the media roll in laughter with their adorable antics. Bassist Reika was the cutest as he displayed his amazement for the speaker on the interview table – the boy even said he wanted to tell his manager that he wants to use the speaker. If you’re curious how to pronounce the group name, it is pronounced like the English word ‘doubt’. D=OUT, who has released CDs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe also shared that they would like to release a CD in Singapore. Oh by the way, Reika walked away grinning from ear to ear with the speaker at the end of the interview.

This year sees the addition of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to the Sundown Festival. Hence, festival goers will get to see Nidji, No More Tear, Rock Steddy and solo act Rico Blanco too. Hip hip, hurray!

Manchester United fans! Do you guys know that Man United’s theme song, “Liberty and Victory” was written and sung by Nidji? The Sundown Festival 2013 will be Nidji’s third time in Singapore and we’re excited to see them again.

No More Tear’s leader, FakFung speaking!

No More Tear was an interesting group and the pretty leader, FukFang, has a really bubbly and likeable personality. Being a female-fronted band, it was no surprise No More Tear was compared to the American-sensation Paramore. To this, FukFang said that both bands are very different. She added that No More Tear has their own stories incorporated into their songs and they sing with their hearts.

Hailing from the Philippines, Rock Steddy emphasized that they are a punk group and not a pop group. The group of four promised to wow fans with an explosive performance at the Sundown Festival.

To Rico Blanco, it is a tremendous blessing to be able to express himself both as an actor and as a musician. The Filipino rock icon shared that it was difficult to leave his country in a time like this, and it was not hard to see why with the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Rico also solemnly made a pledge to donate his fees from the festival to helping the victims of the typhoon. “If (there is) anything I can get out of this festival, it’s the celebration of oneness by different people.” He noted that it’s something as simple as music that we celebrate how we are not so different from one another although we come from different countries. We were deeply moved by Rico’s words and we found him very genuine. He truly brought out the essence of the festival, which is to unite all the southeast Asian countries and to bridge the cultural diversity of Asia.

Bosco Wong was another solo act that was present during the press conference. The dashing multi-talented male who is well-known for his acting is also equally famous for his singing. Not to mention, he has a great body as well! When asked how he trained to get his abs, he jokingly replied “It is terrible”. Bosco revealed he has a tight schedule and he said it took a lot of hard work and determination for him to get his 6-pacs. He also shared with us how his legs turn soft like jellies whenever he tries to walk down the stairs after training. I’m sure many of us can relate to that! Fans who attend the Sundown Festival can expect Bosco to perform a song that has never been performed before. It is said the song includes rapping!

AOA smiling for the cameras. From Left to Right, Jimin, Chanmi, Yuna, Hyejeong, MinA, ChoA, and Youkyung.

Amidst the majority of male performers, AOA really stood out as the sole all-female group. AOA, which stands for Ace of Angels, represented Korea this year at the Sundown Festival. Leader of the group, Jimin said that they are delighted and honoured to be the representative. She added that the group prepared a lot for the festival held the next day. When asked who was the most angelic in the group, the leader wittily replied “Aren’t we all angelic?” Well, there is no doubt about that! AOA also shared that they are anticipating an 8-member comeback soon.

For the Sundown Festival 2013, other acts such as eye-candies Shao Yu Han and Yoga Lin will be present to rock the stage too.

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Special thanks to Red Spade Entertainment and MSL Singapore for extending the invitation to Sundown Festival 2013 press conference to The Fifth Parlour.

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