MediaCorp Racing Awards?

There was a lot of hype about this certain award show on MediaCorp Channel 5. I was actually looking forward to it but …

The MediaCorp Radio Awards celebrates the best and popular radio personalities on MediaCorp Radios.  It was a day of appreciation to those who have worked hard to bring sunshine to our Monday blues and play our favorite songs.

What puzzled me was since it’s a day of celebration, I felt like I’m watching a race? I know they need to keep within certain timing because the news is at 9.30pm but if you rush everything, it seems like these DJs are not that important after all. For example, some of the categories gave awards to the different languages of the radio stations, instead of announcing all the names one after the other, I believed that it is better to have one person on stage to give their speech and then announce the next winners. At least, give each of the deejays their time of glory. It is their special day so give them their due credit.

Thankfully, the invited musical acts, Anthony Neely, Zendee, Nate Tao and The Sam Willows’s performance were not disappointing. Each of the acts only performed a song each and that’s it. Interaction between the invited acts were very minimal too. They sang on stage and that’s it.

Perhaps time management was the main factor of why this award show was a failure. Instead of celebrating the best DJs in the industry, it seems like they are trying to be part of the Singapore’s record of giving as many awards as possible in the shortest time possible.

Congratulations to all the DJs who managed to bring home the trophies. Those who did not win, you are still winners no matter what. You have won the hearts of your listeners who have never failed to stop listening and supporting your radio journey. Radio has been a part of everyone’s life and I’m sure it has bring back lots of memories when you first started listening to it.

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