Immerse Yourselves in the Symphonies of the Flame of The Forest

Keeping themselves productive was the key for the band since the lockdown as Singapore slowly recovers in the next phase. The members of the Flame Of The Forest did just that as they deliver their own brand of music compositions in Singapore and beyond. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to catch up with the cheeky band members as we continue to share local stories. 


Credits: The Flame of The Forest

Flame Of The Forest (FOTF) is an instrumental world music band which has transitioned throughout the years. Today, the band consists of Govin Tan – Tabla kit, Jeffrey Tan – Violin, Caleb Koa – Keyboard, Andy Chong – Electric guitar and Arthur Adika Wiyono with the Electric bass. The name itself holds a great significance. It is a tribute to Govin’s father, who had a trio band of the same name. 


Credits: The Flame of The Forest

The five companions had been taking the stage together for almost 3 years. FOTF had performed for numerous music festivals locally as well as across cities in the world. Just to name a few; Padang (Indonesia), Brunei, Hakodate (Japan) and New Delhi (India). They shared their memorable experiences performing at an amphitheatre by the mountain accompanied by natural blue skies in Hakodate. Also, at a school in India, where students has lack of access to music and the arts. The surreal and heartwarming experience allowed themselves to cherish these moments even though language was a barrier. 

Ever since Circuit Breaker (CB) started due to Covid-19, the members were productive with the composition of their music. If you are a new listener, the members recommends Marimba Dance, Tree of Life, Changes Through The Storm and Parting Way. Fun fact: The last track includes vocals from the band singing in harmony.

These tracks were composed from retrospective, self reflection and experimentations from time to time as the band moves forward. As instrumental music is a niche genre, FOTF strives to reach out to the masses with its original masterpieces through its live performances. A new single is brewing and is set for release in September!

Stay connected with the Flame Of The Forest on their social media – Facebook , Youtube and Instagram. Check out the latest album, Tree of Life and more on Spotify now!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank the Flame Of The Forest for the interview! 

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