Film Review: Extreme Job

Director Lee Byoung-Heon, together with CJ Entertainment, has returned to the silver screen with his latest film, Extreme Job. Lee is notable for his past films such as Twenty and Cheer Up Mr. Lee. Some lucky fans had the opportunity to watch the film when it premiered in Singapore.

The drama-comedy revolves around a squad of narcotic detectives in a district. The team faced many episodes of bad luck and reputation amongst the police force. There was feared of being disbanded by the chief as a result of a string of failed leads for missions. The team was determined to take down a notorious drug lord and decided to disguise themselves as a group of restaurant staff at an famous chicken joint. The captain was played by Ryu Seung-Yong with the supporting cast of Lee Hanee, Jin Sun-Kyu, Lee Dong-Hwi, and Gong-Myoung. The unexpected popularity of the chicken joint became prominent thanks to the chicken recipe and the undercover operation was derailed numerous times.

According to the Korean Film Council, Extreme Job has set a major box-office record in Korea since Train to Busan. The action packed scenes and the chemistry between the cast says it all. If you are a fan of Korean culinary arts, this might be a fantastic film to catch at the cinema over the weekend!

Pay close attention to the details in the final few scenes of the film to understand the dynamics of the characters. I was thoroughly impressed by the magnificent cinematography and chemistry of the characters on top of the hidden jokes peppered throughout the film. I highly recommend watching this with your friends and family. It is sure to help release all the stresses from work or school!

Extreme Job is now showing in cinemas!

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