The Kooks stole the Show at Garden Beats!

The weekend was filled with eco-friendly and mindful activities from reusable tin cups to yoga session under one facility at the Fort Canning Green. Sunshine Nation’s return with the 5th instalment of Garden Beats Festival was filled with fast-paced rhythms that kept partygoers entertained throughout the day!

Photo Credits: Sunshine Nation

The carbon-neutral themed party was furnished with colourful sets against the lush greenery of the fort. Food Panda and Sephora were amongst the companies on-site that engaged the crowd with lawn games at the Playing Fields! Talks such as from Zero Waste SG were held as part of a segment of the festival. A wide variety of food and drinks were also available at the festival.

Photo Credits: Sunshine Nation

The Kooks, amongst qn array of artists, were one of the highlights of the night! The English indie-rock band from Brighton were last seen in Singapore performing in 2015 for SG50. The band is comprised of Peter Denton, Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris and Alexis Nunez. Emotions ran wild as the band performed hits such as All The Time and Four Leaf Clover! The crowd was chanting and dancing to the beat at the massive hill lawn, where colourful lights lit the night sky. It was definitely a night to remember!

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