Experience Trinidad through Kalpee’s Music

Hailing from Trinidad, Sony Music artiste Kalpee was in Singapore for Music Matters 2018. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to chat with the rising star before his performance at Timbre.

Kalpee’s singles such as No One and What About Us which have garnered 12 million global streams and views. He recently released his single, Colourful, where he infused soca in his music. Soca is a genre that originates from Trinadad. According to Kalpee, soca is more mainstream and it is fast paced and fun as compared to calypso. Kalpee would like to infuse his culture in his music by incorporating calypso, usually heard in reggae, and soca. This single is also a first for his culture being infused with his music.

With Colourful, Kalpee hopes that listeners can embrace their own culture and be proud of themselves instead of imitating others. In this modern day, where social media influences are aplenty, it is not uncommon, especially for the younger generation, to compare themselves to others. “The difference is your beauty,” explained Kalpee.

Having released three singles now, it piques our curiosity to know if an EP or album is next on the agenda. However, that is not in the plans for now. Kalpee’s reasoning for releasing singles is so that listeners are able to place stronger focus on each piece of music.

As for future releases, fans can expect Kalpee to continue spreading positivity in his songs and on top of that, catch a glimpse of Trinidad. He wants others to be able to “experience” and “feel” what it is like being in his country.

Get updated on Kalpee via his Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Kalpee for the interview and Sony Music Singapore for coordinating the interview.

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