Go all out with Over Drive!

Over Drive is set in the car racing world in Japan. The Japanese team from SPICA Racing Factory comprises of driver Hiyama Naozumi (Mackenyu Arata) and chief mechanic and engineer Hiyama Atsuhiro (Masahiro Higashide). The constant sibling rivalry between the two had to be overcome in the course of competing in the Seiko Cup Rally Series (SCRS) against opponents such Akira Shinkai (Takumi Kitamura) for a spot in the World Rally Championship. Naozumi and Atsuhiro’s relationship worsens as their opinions about winning conflict. Naozumi is a fearless racer who will do whatever it takes to be in first place by speeding up hazardously, which eventually lands him into accidents. Atsuhiro, on the other hand, believes in formulating the best mechanisms to improve his speed while keeping safety in mind.

This adrenaline-packed film is sure to attract fans of the racing scene. The film is set in various prefectures of Japan as well as our neighbouring state of Johor, Malaysia. The Japanese are well known for their detailed precision on design and advanced innovation of technology, and this is well illustrated in the construction of the cars at the workshop.

Relieve your fond memories of your car racing spectating experiences, perhaps from Sepang, through this heart-warming film about determination and never giving up. I would definitely give a thumbs up for this movie and chant Sugooi for its action-packed sequences!

Catch Over Drive at the cinemas now!

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