Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2018– Part II

Double the night, triple the fun. Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2018 continued its second night with another spectacular line-up of artists including Twice, Davichi, EXO and veteran singer Lee Moon Sae. Yes, you see it correctly. When else would you be able to catch Twice and EXO together in a concert, bringing a total of 10 songs!!!

Twice recently was in Singapore for their second time to hold their Twiceland Zone 2 tour: Fantasy Park. Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see them back on stage for the Lotte Concert.

Due to a shorter lineup for the second night, Twice got to perform up to 5 songs, including What is Love? and past hits Heartshaker and Cheer Up.

In the second night, I was able to secure a seat closer to the stage. Coupled with my camera, TFP readers are definitely in for a huge treat for some really clear close-up of the groups who performed.

Davichi was up to fill the stage with their powerful vocals. It might have been some time to see them on stage but the duo are back with their latest release Days without You. The MV also features Kang Daniel, from Wanna One, as the male lead.

After which, they continue to lead the crowd with their hit songs 8282 and Hello.

Wait, how can I forget to mention that Davichi also sang This Love from Descendants of the Sun!

But wait, just as Davichi left the stage, the fans’ screams and chants became louder and louder. Right, how can one not remember that its EXO time!

I was warned that with EXO in the lineup, the screams I would hear in the audience would be deafening. Trust me, it was. Fans showed their utmost support by screaming for EXO continuously. Perhaps this may be the reason why the organisers decided to increase the volume of the microphones and background music. After all, every move and every word the members said had the fans screaming fanatically.

EXO performed hits like Ko Ko Bop and The Eve (from The War album), not leaving out Power to signify the power they had received from their fans during the concert.

In fact, I was really impressed with EXO fans who not only showed marvelous support during EXO’s performance, but also generosity and courtesy towards the next performer, Lee Moon Sae.

Younger Kpop listeners may not be familiar to his name but Lee Moon Sae is one of the top veteran singers in Korea. Aged 61 this year, Lee Moon Sae is highly respected not just as a singer, but also a songwriter, influential in the music industry.

The hype of the concert increased as he brought back his past songs like When Autumn Comes and Only the Sound of Her Laughter.

In fact, his segment turned to be an unforgettable concert experience for me as he performed in front of a live orchestra. Even though I do not know of his songs, he sang with a strong voice, rich in emotions which touched the hearts of many, including me.

The concert ended on a high note as he encored his performance with Sunset Glow. The crowd just could not sit down with that dancing vibe~ This song could not stop ringing in my head after the concert as I went back. Hence, i decided to include it here as a recommendation.

This also concludes the end of Lotte Duty Free Festival 2018 with two nights of back-to-back musical enjoyment. For those who have missed out my post on the first night, the line-up included Blackpink, B1A4, BtoB, Sunmi, Kim Bum Soo and BTS. Also head over to our FB page for more photos of the event!

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