Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2018– Part I

One of the best K-pop concerts in Seoul one should attend is the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert. This year, the concert continues to be held over two nights. Indisputably, it has one of the best artist lineups in town. On the first night, Lotte has invited Blackpink, B1A4, BtoB, Sunmi, Kim Bum Soo and the one and only BTS for the grand finale performance.

Blackpink was set to perform As if it’s your last, Stay, Forever Young and their recent release, Ddu Du Ddu Du. However, in the middle of their performance of Forever Young, their music was abruptly stopped. As fans remained confused about the incident, it was announced that the festival would be delayed to resolve technical issues occurring outside of the concert venue. Some audience could not enter the venue hence the performances would resume at a later timing.

Unfortunately, Blackpink never got to return to the stage afterwards.

The festival resumed normally with B1A4 taking the stage with songs like What’s Happening and Rollin which got everyone singing along to the addicting choruses.

Next up was BtoB with their recent hits like Missing You and Only One For Me. Although my seat was was a distance away from the main stage, the heat of the festival never failed to reach beyond me. In fact, the loudest cheers came from the audience seated behind me.

Their mischievous acts on stage got the fans screaming their lungs out to cheer on for them. Fortunately, I managed to capture this moment down as a treat.

Fans might notice that on this first night, the lineup of artists seemed to have a starting initial “B”. However, this diva stood out the most from the others.

Sunmi took over with Heroine and other of her hits like 24 hours and Full Moon. Sunmi may be a solo artist on stage but her stage presence was strong and mesmerising.

Perhaps it may have been my first time catching her live, I was completely blown away by the incredible amount of power she injected into every song she danced and sang.

On stage, she continuously portrayed her cute and bubbly personality through her “heart” moves.

Kim Bum Soo has got to be one of my favourite Korean singers who never fail to amaze with his live vocals.

He teased that many of the audience present may be in attendance for their idol groups but plead for their support and applause. Of course, he was being too modest. Here, I was really impressed by the various fan groups around who gave Kim Bum Soo their generous support.

During the concert, he chose to perform some of the more familiar songs from popular dramas like Appear (from Secret Garden) and I Miss You (from Stairway to Heaven).

Everyone was chanting for his encore performance as he performed a medley of retro dance songs including Amor Fati.

Finally, the grand finale of the night fell to BTS who nearly shook the stadium as fans screamed continuously for their appearance on stage.

Previously, BTS had been busy with promotions internationally. Hence this night, they returned with songs included in their Love Yourself: Tear album, such as Anpanman and Airplane pt.2.

Due to popular demand, BTS could not bear to leave their fans without a last-minute addition of Fire to close the night of musical craze.

This concludes the first night of lineup with Blackpink, B1A4, BtoB, Sunmi, Ki Bum Soo and BTS. Stay tuned as I update on the second night of Lotte Duty Free Concert 2018!

2 thoughts on “Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2018– Part I

  1. Hi there~! I was wondering if you could advice me a little bit. I’m heading to the LDF family concert this year, and I have two A-section tickets, but since it’s first-come first-serve, I’m a little worried.
    I’ll be flying back to Seoul from Japan on the day of the concert and the earliest I can arrive at the venue is probably an hour before.
    My friend will arrive earlier, but we’d obviously like to sit together. Should she just wait since there’s no way to have a seat number reserved beforehand, or would she be able to somehow get our seats and then come back out to get me?
    I’m sorry for asking here, but I’m totally unable to find any information anywhereㅠㅠ

    Thank you!!

    • Hi there! I hope that this would help but it seems like she could only wait for you to enter together. Im afraid it would be chaotic on that day itself for her to reserve seats and then re-enter to get you. In addition, I dont think she would be able to re-enter as well due to security and the massive crowd itself. Do reconsider your options again. Enjoy!

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