Things to Look Out for at the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2022!

Since the pandemic occurs, many events have been delayed or cancelled, however after the three year pandemic drought the Anime Festival Asia Singapore (AFA) 2022 is coming this November. With a 3 day event that includes Meet & Greet sessions, … Continue reading

Bridge Generation Gaps from Apple TV+ Trilingual Drama – “Pachinko”, Based on a Novel by Min Jin Lee

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Hyping up for Christmas at HYPER JAPAN 2016 in London

Where else would be a better festival to celebrate the uniqueness of Japanese culture than to attend the annual HYPER JAPAN Festival! This year, the festival was back at Tobacco Dock, London.

Fans attended interactive activities lined-up back to back over the past weekend and even got to meet some of their Japanese idols like The Hoopers, The Tomboys, Shohjyo-tai and many other performers.

Through the Meet & Greet sessions, fans were able to purchase merchandises off the table and have them autographed by the idols. That was not all, fans were able to interact up close with the members. For UK fans, these sessions must have been a dream come true!

Moreover, participants of the festival were able to learn more about the Japanese culture through various workshops and appreciation events such as 3D latte art workshop, sake appreciation, calligraphy writing, a Japanese fashion show with special appearance by Fuki and even an opportunity for them to showcase their own cosplay costumes in the COSParade!

Concurrently in different venues, there were also live performances of judo, Japanese traditional magic and remixes of folk songs by NeoBallad.

And if you are feeling hungry or yearning for something to eat, fret not as the basement stalls offered a wide variety of Japanese snacks like takoyaki, udon, macarons with unique Japanese flavours and and and so many other Japanese dishes to choose from!

Thinking of getting a souvenir or gift for christmas? Well, HYPER JAPAN Christmas market offers a wide variety of Japanese-related gifts for one to browse through. This year, with the ongoing craze over Pokemon Go, many stalls were selling Pokemon merchandises, including christmas tree decorations to add some cuteness to the festive mood. Anime or manga lovers can also expand their collections with the purchases of figurines, paintings or even merchandises like samurai swords from the festival.

Does not it seem like there was everything for everyone, everything Japanese for a special gift this Christmas?

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017 will be back at Olympia, London, between 15th and 17th July.

CROSS GENE: Mix of nations, visuals, personalities and voice!

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