Getting “Mesmer”ised with Northlane

Fans have been waiting and requesting and they finally got what they asked for. Australian Metalcore band Northlane graced our shore for a 1-night-only show recently.

 photo IMG_20170506_191740_1_zpsb8klmszs.jpg

The show was supported by local band Villes who are known for their big fanbase here. Villes are know for their amazing energy when they perform live and I’m glad to have witnessed this twice. They really do give their all for their performance, as if it were their last. Amongst their set list were their latest singles “The Fear Generation” and “Don’t You Worry”.

 photo IMG_20170506_191856_zpsdmxfngtz.jpg

Northlane came on stage after Villes’ opener. This band just gives you the vibes that lets you know that they are going to rock your face so hard. The energy they project from start to finish is just phenomenal. Despite being 1 member down and playing without guitarist Jon Deiley, the band still gave 110%!

 photo IMG_20170506_192205_zpsaog6dhrg.jpg

Even though it was a fairly short set, I belive fans left with content hearts as they had finally gotten to watch the band live. Long-time fans will know that Northlane had a change of vocalist in 2013 when original singer Adrian Fitipaldes left and was replaced with Marcus Bridge in 2014. That being said, many fans were the OG fans when the first two albums came out and one particular song that has stuck with the OG fans of Northlane was “Quantum Flux” from their second album “Singularity”. The fans knew in an instance when Marcus announced the next song to be for the OG fans of Northlane.

 photo IMG_20170506_192256_1_zpsc4vhxahg.jpg

By the end of the night, fans were left wanting more. Northlane closed out their set with the encore song “Obelisk”. Although I wish it could have been a longer set, I left the place with a happy, content heart, knowing I was able to check seeing another band/artist off my bucket list.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Pennylane for extending to us the invitation to this amazing event!

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