Put your swag on with Follow the Movement, AOMG!

Though some of them might not be new to Singapore, artistes from the popular Korean hip hop label AOMG; Jay Park, Loco, Simon D, Gray and DJ Pumkin were in Singapore earlier this month to party it up for their 2017 concert Follow The Movement. Following their previous concerts in Seoul, Bangkok, and Taipei, it was AOMG’s first ever concert held at the Singapore Suntec Convention Hall. The event was well-received, with a diverse range of fans turning up to attend the concert as well as the VIP photo session.

Kicking the concert off with a collaboration between Loco, Gray and DJ Pumkin, the audience was pumped with hip hop tracks such as Respect, 니가 모르게 (You don’t know), and Summer Night. During the MC session, Gray revealed that it was his first time to Singapore and that he does not smoke after hearing an announcement over the plane announcement system about No cigarettes, No gum upon touching down in Changi Airport.

Loco too piped in, announcing that he doesn’t smoke, much to the amusement of those present who supported his statement with loud cheers. Taking over the stage to serenade fans with his solo RnB tracks like 남아 있어(Still) and 감아 (Hold me Tight)’, fans were unable to resist the urge and sang along with Loco as the mosh pits became a sea of waving hands following the music.

There was no surprise as to who was up next as everybody chimed in to sing along to the lyrics that boomed through the speakers. Simon.. Simon Dominic.. Simon D.O.M.I.N.I.C.O Oh. With his cheeky boy-next-door demeanor, fan girls were given a special treat as Simon D sang a special ballad rendition of WON() & ONLY and even sat at the edge of the stage during one of his performances. During a short break, Simon D divulged that laksa was his favourite Singaporean dish, so fans can call him Laksaimon D.

Rounding up the concert with a bang Jay Park, along with his back-up dance crew, performed track hits like Nothing on You, 좋아 (Joah) and 뻔하잖아 (You Know), driving fan girls wild as he removed his shirt to reveal his chiseled chest midway through his set. It had been a crazy schedule for Jay Park. Before his flight to Singapore, he had a 24-hour shoot for Show Me the Money 6 preliminaries while suffering a cold. Yet, having been here numerous times, he considers Singapore to be his home away from home.

Turning up the heat in the encore, all AOMG artistes ended off with 무례하게 (No manners), Who You and Aint No Party Like an AOMG Party. For hip hop lovers, this was definitely a concert worth attending!

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