Echosmith shined ‘Bright’ at their maiden show in Singapore

Best known for their hit song Cool Kids, Echosmith, consisting of Jamie Sierota (guitarist Joshua Murty stood in for him whilst he is preparing to welcome his first child with wife Ana), Noah Sierota, Sydney Sierota and Graham Sierota were in town recently for their first ever show in Singapore.

Opening the evening was none other than a familiar face in Singapore – David Choi. During his 30 minute set David performed songs both from his new record and some of his older tunes. The crowd cheer and applauded as he started off with All I Need, the first single off his latest record Stories of You’s and Me. Some of the other songs he performed included You And Me, Dempsey Hill and By My Side, with David joking during You And Me that one should never attempt to pursue a long distance relationship (which is what the song is about). As short as it was, it was a great half an hour by David as he revved up the crowd for Echosmith.

There was some time to spare before Echosmith finally hit the stage. Roars and cheers erupted, getting louder and louder as each member took their turns up on stage to kick off their show with Ran Off In The Night – a testament as to how well-loved the band is here in Singapore.

It was an energy-packed night as the indie pop quartet performed songs off their debut effort Talking Dreams, as well as, covers of This Must Be The Place and I Melt With You.

Despite being just 18, lead singer Sydney commanded the audience like a seasoned professional. That comes as no surprise as the Sierota siblings have been together as a band for several years now doing shows in the United States. It might have been a warm night, but that certainly didn’t phase the band as they put on a rousing show for their fans, with Sydney even inviting two fans to share the stage with them during Come With Me.

As with most concerts, Sydney made sure to introduce the band and give each of them their moment to shine. However, this night was made even more special when she introduced us all to ‘mom and dad’, who assisted in a little segment of filming the crowd as Sydney walked everyone through the rhythm for Nothing’s Wrong.

The moment everyone had been waiting for finally came as the first notes of their ever-popular song Cool Kids drifted through the venue. Everyone was high in spirits as they sang along to this uplifting anthem, which Sydney explains was written as a result of them feeling like they needed to ‘fit in with the crowd’.

In fact, here are some wise words from Sydney herself to any one who has ever felt like an outsider.

This song “Cool Kids” was created because we ourselves felt that desire to fit in and to be like somebody else, just like I know everyone single one of you has felt before. So I want you to know that number one, you are not alone in that feeling. Number two, all it takes is accepting yourself. Who you are and who you aren’t. Finally, most importantly, I need you to know so badly tonight that each and everyone of you, all of you are so, so, so very loved especially by this band on this stage before you tonight.

Alas, the night had to come to an end. Or so everyone thought. Echosmith had made a quick exit before making it back on stage to end off the night with Up To You. For their first time in Singapore, these “Cool Kids” certainly put up quite the show and left us wanting more. We sure hope that they will make their way back here sooner than later!

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