“To sing and impress” as Christina Grimmie shares about her performance on The Voice

Many of her fans started liking and following Christina Grimmie on YouTube but for me, I knew about her from Season 6 of The Voice. Her cover of Wrecking Ball during her blind audition wow-ed the crowd and immediately garnered great attention and interest towards her. But what exactly was it like for her to experience all these like a roller coaster ride?

Going from YouTube, it is just a camera in your room and you can take as many takes as you want. If you don’t like a word you said, you can redo the whole thing. The Voice, on the contrary, is a big stage. There are a lot of cameras, not just one, and if you mess up, the whole world will know.

During the show, Usher and Shakira took less than seconds to turn their seats followed by Adam Levine and finally when Blake Shelton turned around, Christina recounted on how she kept going to give her very best on stage:

I was really just thinking “You are in so now just impress them and make them fight over for you” to myself. And that my only job right now is to sing and impress. That is it. It is not to giggle, it is not to be starstruck, it is just to sing and do what I am supposed to do. That’s the only way I am going to get through this

Eventually, Christina picked Adam, among the four judges, to be her coach. Thereafter, she received coaching from Adam and emerged third in the season.

Adam is the one and Adam just so happened to be able to take me pretty far. I am happy that I made that choice. No offense to Usher cause I love him.

As Christina recalled about her experience learning from Adam, she was all laughing as she recounted one funny moment with Adam during the recording of Somebody That I Used To Know.

 He was so funny! We were recording in a studio together and he was in a different booth than I was. And as I was recording my verse, he was saying things into the mic to make me laugh. I was just cracking up and going “Can I please just get a straight take”. He was so funny. I was singing a line and he would go “get it girl”. And I was like “Stop making me laugh”. He was intentionally trying to make me laugh.

And here’s when it was caught on camera:

Like all young adults, Christina also has her idols and gained inspirations from many great singers. To her, the real starstruck moment came when she had a surprise meeting with her favourite singer and idol, Christina Aguilera. Then, her eyes lit up again and got really excited recounting the meeting she had and how much she adores and was inspired by her idol.

I was like “You are the reason that I like, that I have pride to be a singer”. I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to her music and I would backup all her parts and be like “I want to be able to do these vocal parts”. I have learnt most of what I know from her. She puts that drive in me as a young artist.

It has been fun and memorable talking to Christina. Be sure to tune into her latest singles, Cliché, Stay with Me (in collaboration with Diamond Eyes) and Shrug, as we wait patiently in excitement for the release of her upcoming album and her performance at iHeartRadio music festival. Until her next visit to Singapore, TEAM GRIMMIE~!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Christina for the interview Alex and Heather for coordinating this interview. 

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