My first Laneway experience

It has been 5 years since the Laneway Festival graced our shores and I had never had the chance to attend it, so naturally, I was really psyched about finally getting to go this year.

As the date of the festival grew nearer, I was thankfully able to rely on Spotify to acquaint myself with the artists who were part of the Singapore lineup, especially those I hadn’t been as familiar with.

Of course, one important thing to check before going to the festival is the directions. Get an idea of how you’re going to get there so that you do not get lost and miss out on any of the acts! Thankfully I had been to a concert at Gardens By The Bay before so that was another thing checked off the list. In any case, if you’re lost just follow the crowd and you’re more than likely to end up at the right destination.

Once my friends and I got to the venue and passed bag check, we made our way to the where the Garden and Bay stages were and picked out a good spot to lay our picnic mat. Although we only had one mat, lucky for us the ponchos made for extra sitting space on the lawn.

Image Credit: City Nomads

Prior to the festival, a schedule would be posted so this will give you a good opportunity to plan which artists you would like to see and where you’ll have to be. As the artists are scheduled to perform at different stages, you can expect to travel around the grounds depending on who you wish to see.

Much of my time during the day was spent around the Garden and Bay stages as most of the acts my friends and I wanted to see were scheduled to perform at the main stages. This being my First Laneway experience, I didn’t have much expectations but to enjoy myself and enjoy myself I did!

Apart from the musical performance, of course, there were plenty to explore around the festival grounds like food and activity booths.

Image Credit: City Nomads

Fancy a haircut?

Image Credit:

How about a game of giant Jenga?

Even though there was a brief period of rain during the event, it did nothing to dampen the spirit of the festival. Everyone continued to enjoy themselves despite the pitter patter, donning on the provided ponchos and grooving along to the music. Energy levels were high throughout the day as the different acts graced the respective stages with their presence, putting on A-class performances.

Image Credit: Aloysius Lim

If I had to pick my favourite acts it would have to be Royal Blood and Jungle. Growing up with pop-punk music, Royal Blood’s sound really resonated with me. I had gone to Laneway knowing only some of their songs, but I definitely walked out a fan. As for Jungle, their set was re really enjoyable and they really knew how to get the crowd going and grooving along to their performance.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Laneway yet and are thinking of going next year, here are 5 must-have’s/do’s:

  1. Bring a picnic mat
    I don’t think much has to be said about this. Unless you don’t mind sitting on the ground (but be warned, you might regret this when it rains).
  2. Poncho
    Although you’re handed one on your way into the festival grounds, it’s always good to have extras on hand. You never know when it’s going to pour, and when it does you’ll be glad you did bring your own as well. In my case, we did end up using them as an extension to our mat (especially after the rain).
  3. Sunblock
    Just as much as it might rain, you can definitely expect the sun to put on a full show. I meant this is Singapore we’re talking about after all. All I’ll say is that your skin will thank you for this.
  4. Cash
    Although food and drinks aren’t allowed on the festival grounds, there are a myriad of food stalls for you to take your pick from. The catch here, though, is that only tokens are accepted so make sure you have enough cash to purchase them. If for whatever reason you decide not to, the food court located in Gardens By The Bay is another option. Just a word if caution if you do, you will miss some acts as they are scheduled to perform back to back.
  5. Dress comfortably
    Between the rain and the sun, I’m sure you’d like to feel comfortable while enjoying your favourite acts during the festival. I opted for a basic tee and a pair of denim shorts and it was the perfect outfit for the day. My only regret? Wearing socks with my plimsolls and getting it soaked in the rain.

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