Kpop’s Latest Sensation: SKarf

The first-ever Singapore/Korean Kpop girl group which debuted as a 4 member-group consisted of Tasha, Ferlyn, Sol and Jenny. Sadly, due to personal reasons, Sol left in order to pursue her passion in the acting industry. With the exit of, Sol, the group was thus left only with 3 members but with the addition of Jooa and Hana.

The addition of both Jooa and Hana added more colours and vibrancy to the entire group. SKarf released their second mini-album on 31st May 2013 titled ‘’LUV VIRUS’’. Their album consists of five songs, with “LUV VIRUS’’ as their title track. Upon its release, fans took to the various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to express their anticipation as well as reacting with positive comments in regards to their comeback album.

During the press conference, the girls were asked about their thoughts on their showcase, 2nd comeback album and their first anniversary.

Speaking about their mini-album, Tasha, the leader of the group, said that fans can look forward to a more matured side of the members. The album consists of five different genres, e.g. R&B, Acoustic and Dance-Pop.

Touching on their first anniversary, they said they have no plans at the moment as they are busy concentrating on the preparation for their second follow up song, ‘Anymore’. They wanted to place all of their focus on the promotion of their second song as they do not want to make any blunders while performing on stage. Fans can look forward to their dance moves and a mysterious item which will be used together during the ‘Anymore’ dance performance.

SKarf have been training tirelessly almost every day to ensure that their performance will be nothing but the best for everyone. They even got injured while preparing for the showcase. Ferlyn mentioned that special performance stages had been prepared specially for the showcase.

Congratulations SKarf on your first anniversary! Show your support by attending SKarf Dreams Come True exclusive showcase which is happening tonight.

Thank you Daryl Neo for write up and Clarissa for the awesome pictures. 

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