Sneakerheads Gather at the Sneaker Con SEA

Sneaker Con announced its arrival in 2020 however, it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. After three years of waiting, Sneaker Con Southeast Asia finally came to Singapore on April 1. Held at the Singapore Expo Hall, the two days event gather sneakers enthusiasts.

Credits: Sneaker Con SEA Singapore

Founded in 2009, Sneakercon SEA aims to spread impactful brand solutions and a face-to-face marketplace with several activation opportunities. The convention allows you to trade, sell and buy some of the most precious collectables! If you are lucky, you might find rare, limited-edition sneakers accompanied by street wears and accessories.


As the official partner for of Sneaker Con SEA, Carlsberg introduced their Smoothest Draught beer along with their #MakeItSmooth campaign, attendees were able to get their very own customised bottle live by local artist, The Slim Lim aka Alex Lim.


The highlight of the event was the giveaway session where t-shirts and hoodies to brand new limited edition sneakers were given away through its digital raffle on stage. Of course, I had to be part of the action and was hoping to be picked. Everyone was feeling hyped and hopeful to be chosen as they wave their sneakers and merchandise bought in the air. It was certainly a fun and exciting moment as you see hopeful faces and attendees waving their sneakers and merchandise.


The Authentication Booth caught my eyes too! As more counterfeit merchandise such as sneakers are found on the market, consumers like you and me would feel rest assured that professionals on-site would make thorough inspections before allowing items to be sold at the convention.

Other than exploring the different activities, I was on the lookout for a pair of multi-coloured Nike Air Force 1. However, luck was not on my side as it does not carry my size.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Carlsberg and W Communications for the invitation.


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