Catch the K-Pop Boyband’s Journey in Disney+ Documentary, Super Junior: The Last Man Standing

Super Junior is no stranger to the K-Pop world, one of the longest-standing groups still active in the scene. Formed by SM Entertainment in 2005, it has been dubbed by many as the “Kings of Hallyu Wave”. Some may wonder how they managed to survive in the industry for such a long time?

Credits: Disney+

Super Junior: The Last Man Standing is a documentary series premiering on Disney+ marking the band’s 18th anniversary together. The series features never before seen interviews with the members. Each member shares stories from their childhood, personal background and the various circumstances that led them to sign with SM Entertainment. The series also shows the early stages of their struggles and the gruelling process of training to be a K-Pop boyband.

In the first episode, the leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk recounts the moment the band was officially signed with the agency. He compares the pride similar to enrolling at a prestigious university. He was lucky to be among the trainees who debut through the competitive process. Sharing their honest feelings during and after their first bout of success as a band, the members talked about their most successful songs like Sorry, Sorry and Mr Simple which led them to their international stardom.

Catch Super Junior: The Last Man Standing streaming now on Disney+!


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