Fortune Favours the Bold in Guy Ritchie’s Latest Film, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre is another action-packed comedy film directed, written and produced by Guy Ritchie. The line of casts features; Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Josh Hartnett, Cary Elwes, Bugzy Malone and Hugh Grant. What happens when an actor works undercover with a group of spies?


Credits: Encore Films

It begins with a selection of the best agents by the secret service in London. With the incredible Orson Fortune, he feels reluctant to be teamed with some of the world’s best operatives from their fields. The team must track down and stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology wielded by billionaire arms broker, Greg Simmonds. Fortune and his crew recruit Hollywood’s biggest movie star, Danny Francesco to help them on their globe-trotting undercover mission to save the world.

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre boasts similar traits to Guy Ritchie’s films, he is known for British gangster films. The bold and comedic lines will make you chuckle for more! While the spies travel a thousand miles away from the base, you could sense the luxurious experience they had, flying from one city to another on a private jet with priceless champagne, fit for any spy film. This is a recurring joke, something you should look out for amid the action sequences.

I enjoyed Aubrey Plaza’s and Hugh Grant’s characters, which are entirely unrelated to one another but it could be, something I would rather not spoil. Hugh Grant’s Cockney accent; I assume along with his extravagant and flirty personality makes him a perfect villain in any spy movie. Aubrey Plaza is somehow similar due to quick-witted comebacks that got me laughing as they decipher hidden codes and information during the missions.

I would give it a 4/5 stars rating as it was entertaining but lacked certain clarity in some action sequences and plot. I highly recommend catching this film during the long holiday weekend with your loved ones.

Catch Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre at the theaters now! 


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