Choi Minsik Partners Up with Son Sukku to Clear His Name in Disney+’s Crime Drama, Big Bet

Disney+ latest Korean crime drama, Big Bet stars veteran actor, Choi Minsik. He returns to the small screen after 25 years as a man who goes through the turbulence of life while finding his own success in a foreign land.


Credits: Disney+

The unforgettable tale of a man, Cha Moosik who grew up with nothing or less. Leaning on his street-smart antics while being well-respected by his peers in Korea, Cha gets in trouble with the law. He builds himself up and becomes a thriving casino mogul in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Cha hits rock bottom again as he is embroiled in a murder case.

In a virtual press conference, the director of Big Bet, Kang Yunsung and the line cast including Choi Minsik, Son Sukku, Lee Donghwi, Heo Sungtae, Kim Jooryoung, Son Eunseo, and Ryu Hyunkyung were present to share their thoughts on the groundbreaking drama of eight episodes streaming on Disney+!


Credits: Disney+

The making of the drama had several challenges, from the extreme shifts in weather conditions between the two Asian countries, when Korea was in its cold season. The recurring numbers of Covid-19 cases with Choi Minsik flying in later due to the illness. Director Kang Yunsung wanted to bring a sense of reality with exotic scenes shot in the Philippines. Also, face de-aging technology was used to make sure Lee Kyoohyung’s (younger Cha Moosik) and Minsik’s faces blend seamlessly in the drama.

Son Sukku who shares the most screentime with Choi Minsik was nervous and impressed acting alongside the veteran actor. He remembered gawking at Choi as it felt so real, he didn’t even realize he was acting. Further explaining that the action sequences were intense with the heat causing everyone’s make-up to dry up within the hour.


Credits: Disney+

The crime drama begins with Cha Moosik origins as it is being told in real-time and in a throwback manner. Following that is Cha running a “mini casino” near a port in Korea, while getting unintentional success in the Philippines. It is slightly slow paced but the plot escalates in the following episodes. Disney+ will release 3 episodes simultaneously, it is definitely a must-watch as each episode leaves you wanting for more. As unique as it is, the intertwining use of Tagalog and the Korean language will be heard throughout the scenes too.

The cat was out of the bag when it was unveiled by Director Kang Yunsung that will be a second season in 2023, even before the official premiere, bringing it to a total of sixteen episodes.

Catch Big Bet as it is available for streaming now on Disney+!


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