Jackson Wang Delivered his Magic on Boxing Day in Singapore

Ever since K-pop gained popularity, youths are keen to be part of the industry. However, it is not easy to be a K-pop idol. How did Olympian, Jackson Wang, manage to juggle being an artiste and at the same time being part of one of JYP Entertainment’s biggest boy group, GOT7?

Wang was recently in Singapore for a few gigs including a solo show at Singapore Indoor Stadium, a DJ set at Marquee Club on Christmas eve and on Boxing Day, and an album promotion event organised by Singapore Fashion Council. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to spend Boxing Day with Wang!

With such a hectic schedule, it is not a surprise to observe that Wang was tired however, that did not stop him from being interactive and wearing a smile throughout the event. His fan service was top-notch! He will usually be obliged for a photo and ensure his fans are okay. He even treated his fans to dinner or coffee knowing that they have been waiting for him. During the event, Wang did not rush his interactions with his fans and took time to talk and give hugs.

The event was filled with fans from South East Asia such as Thailand, Hong Kong and The Philippines, who were there to support Wang. They had the chance to ask him questions. Instead of just providing short answers, he tried to provide as much details as possible.

During the Q&A, a fan asked Wang for advice on chasing their dreams or magic moment. “Just believe in yourself and never give up no matter what,” was Wang’s advise.

Wang is definitely the sweetest and nicest K-pop idol I have encountered. With his excellent fan service, I am sure he will have an army of fans behind him and support him in a long run.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Singapore Fashion Council for inviting us to this intimate session with Jackson Wang.


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