Local YouTuber Danial Ron Feels contented with Gaming and Invites You to Join Him

During the early days of creating content on the Internet, people started uploading videos on YouTube. There was a trend of vlogging where people upload videos to reach out to the masses. One of our local YouTuber was in the action right from the start.


“Hi guys, this is Danial Ron with an A. Welcome to my YouTube’s channel,” was his trademark introduction. Daniel started uploading videos since 2010. Danial loves to create content that takes after real-life scenarios and twists it based on how he perceives life. With a good following on YouTube, he was signed to Titan in 2014. He then started Titan Gamers.

Danial caught my attention with his videos as they were creative. He integrated rock and metal music into his videos, and I enjoyed watching his skits. As a huge fan myself, I was really excited to know that he is one of the content creators that were at the YouTube FanFest. It was no brainer to invite him and introduce to the world what he is made of.


Danial started his channel on YouTube as a joke to impress a girl he likes. He aimed to upload his original songs to get the girl’s attention. Hence, he started following musicians such as AJ Raphael, David Choi and Jesse Barrera. Adding to the list of inspirations were Niga Higa and PewDiePie who were good at vlogging and gaming content.

Moving on from music, Danial is still in the scene because of his love for games. His love for games starts from young, playing on SEGA Genesis and PlayStation 1. With gaming in his veins, Danial decided to assess and create an E-Sport team to compete in national-level competitions. He plans to compete in Mobile Legends, Valorant, Overwatch 2 and PUBG Mobile in 2023.

With the rising number of individuals trying their hands on being content creators, Danial encouraged them to do so. “JUST GO JER! (Go for it), don’t be afraid. If you do not take that leap of faith, you will never know. Do not give up if you do not succeed on the first try. Do something else and you will never know the tides can turn 360 in an instant,” advised Danial.

Other than continuing to create content, Danial would like to focus on life and settle down in the next three to five years. Will we be hearing wedding bells by then? Only time will tell.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Danial Ron for the interview and YouTube for coordinating the interview. 


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