A Father’s Day Tribute, Tom Parker’s “Hope: My Inspirational Life”

The music industry was shocked by the passing of Tom Parker back in March. Parker left the world leaving behind his wife and two children, Aurelia and Bondi. Eight days before he left, Parker shared on his Instagram that he has written a book titled Hope: My inspirational life. The book is currently The Sunday Times, number 1 bestseller.

Reiterating that this book is not about dying, Parker revealed that the book is about finding hope despite being in a difficult situation and making the best out of life. He hoped that the book will be able to inspire you to get through any situation and carry on against all odds.

Tom Parker Book

Credits: Amazon

The book detailed about his life from his childhood, being in the band, marriage to Kelsey, the birth of Aurelia and Bondi and his diagnosis and treatments. Readers will be able to Parker in different elements; a father, husband, a son and someone who battled brain cancer. There are pictures that are included in the book with Parker’s infectious smile and aura that shines within the photograph.

In the book, it was also revealed that Ed Sheeran reached out to him and helped him with the treatment costs. Despite battling brain cancer, it did not stop Parker to be an advocate for brain cancer research. Parker displayed resilience and positivity despite all the odds against him. This memoir will be one of the greatest gifts that Parker left behind for his fans and family where they will get to reminisce the days together with him.

On this Father’s Day, we remember those who have left us and let’s celebrate them by cherishing the memories we had together. All the love to the Parker family, Kelsey, Aurelia and Bondi.

Hope: My inspirational life is now out now.

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