Catch Kim Jae Uck & Krystal Jung on Disney+ Bossiest Drama, “Crazy Love”!

Ever felt extremely annoyed with your boss who often picks on you for no reason yet you cannot vent your anger on him or her? Crazy Love is exactly the drama that will make your imagination comes alive. The drama-comedy starred Noh Go-Jin (Kim Jae Uck), a mathematical genius CEO who everyone detest and his introverted secretary, Lee Shin-a (Krystal Jung).

Credits: Disney+

Go-Jin, a successful businessman and mathematician in modern Korea, is a tough boss to work with. It is not a surprise that he started receiving death threats from an unknown person. In order to hunt the unknown person, he formulated a plan which is pretend to suffer from amnesia. A restart in his life gave Shin-a a chance to finally take her revenge on her boss, for his poor treatment at the office despite being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.

Credits: Disney+

Pretending to be his fiancé, Shin-a created lots of crazy antics to release all the stress such as feeding him tons of onions, maxing out his credit cards and applying an entire bottle of sunscreen on his face. Crazy Love managed to make viewers laugh especially in the recent episodes, an acknowledgement how crazy the drama and characters truly are.

Credits: Disney+

With such a quirky and fun script, the main leads shared why they accepted the roles. According to them, this pandemic has created a toll on mental health and they hope that this rom-com will make them laugh and feel happy. Kim Jae Uck who plays a character that is sensitive, abrasive and also snappy towards others, revealed that this character was a challenge to him as he had to raise his voice at others when he is mad which is unlike him. On the other hand, Krystal Jung expressed that every scene for her was exhausting as it drains her badly due to the exploding of emotions which the character has, after being suppressed for a long time. In contrast, Kim and Jung revealed that it was also the highlight of the filming process as they have never been able to do it in real life.

Credits: Disney+

With an unexpected romance blossoming between the employee and her boss, Crazy Love will be taking the audience on a bizarre and cheerful experience awaiting to be discovered. Catch Crazy Love every Monday streaming on Disney+!

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