Local Artist-Producer, Houg Releases “7 Ain’t Home” as He Explores Everyday Themes

Sameh Wahba or better known under the moniker, Houg started taking his love for music seriously in 2016. The Singaporean Chillwave artist-producer is an alumnus of the SHINE Talent Development Programme and NAC’s Noise Music Mentorship programme. Recently, Houg released a new single, 7 Ain’t Home.

7 Aint Home Artwork

Credits: Canglo

When writing 7 Ain’t Home, Houg wanted to explore themes relating to self-doubt and passivity, within the context of time. Self-doubting the choices we made as we fear the consequences was what the single is all about. This single also feature Japanese music producer, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, which complements the single as a whole as he made the song a lot fuller and intentional. Houg added that having VIDEOTAPEMUSIC onboard has given him the reassurance and confidence that he needed.
7 Ain’t Home is the forth single off his upcoming album, The Biting Tempo. What sets this album apart is that the songs in the album surrounds around time. Houg shared that even though the theme is the same, each songs in the album explores different things such as conversation around decaying friendships, self-doubt and many more. The songs will let you discover what goes through his mind at different point of time. “The different states of mind that these songs explore are also supported by an array of different sounds. Some songs could be an upbeat Citypop type affair, while others take the shape of a cheesy 90s ballads with a Houg-y twist. And I think that is really fun because it strengthens the themes and purpose of the album,” explained Houg on the songs on the album.


Credits: Canglo

The album will be out next month on March 4. Houg will be doing a show to celebrate the release of his album where audiences can experience a multi-sensory interpretation of the album. You would not want to miss this opportunity to catch Houg live. A little bird told us that other than being a musician, Houg is a photographer as well. So, imagine the visual elements during the gig!
Stream 7 Ain’t Home on all major digital streaming platforms. Stay connect to Houg via his social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Houg for the interview and Canglo for coordinating the interview. 

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