5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Inspired by the Love-Hate Relationship between Jung Hae-In & Jisoo in Disney+ ‘Snowdrop’ 

According to Nielsen Korea, the South Korean romance drama – Snowdrop on Disney+, starring Jung Hae-In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has achieved one of the highest TV viewership ratings. While we await its climactic finale tonight, be inspired by the romantic scenes and recreate them with your other half this February.


Credits: Disney+

Throughout the ordeal in the university dorm set in 1987, both Soo-ho (Jung Hae-In) and Young-ro (Jisoo) have a fair share of sweet moments as their relationship grows despite differing political ideologies and backgrounds.

Let’s recap what you may have missed so you can get creative this Valentine’s Day.

1. Personal coffee barista (Episode 11)


Scene from Snowdrop

Ditch café dates and brew a warm pot of Americano from the comfort of your own space for that regular catch-up session. Impress your partner with your inner barista skills and knowledge of coffee ☕️, it could be a possible career option in the future!

2. Paper planes (Episode 3)


Scene from Snowdrop

Instead of texts messaging, add a personalised touch by penning down your love letters on paper and folding them into paper planes. Throw them around the room and come up with a relatable pick up line like, “Girl, your company keeps me high and motivated for the future!”

3. Bicycle ride around the island (Episode 3)


Scene from Snowdrop

Get physical with your partner as you paddle around the island on bicycles. Enjoy some quality time and fresh air without the obstruction of masks. Dressing up in a suit is optional, but well, feel free to go crazy.

4. Confess your love in a cassette recording (Episode 11)

radio recording - snowdrop

Credits: Disney+

If you are new to the dating scene and finding the courage to pour your heart out, do not be discouraged. Record your well thought out message on a cassette tape or in modern times – voice notes on your mobile devices. It is both sweet and meaningful, and your partner could just replay them over and over again.

5. Dance party (Episode 3)

dance scene of snowdrop

Scene from Snowdrop

While this is not possible today with the restrictions on social gatherings in clubs, you can adapt to this in your own space. Grab your partner and show off your dance moves as if no one is watching.

Stream Snowdrop on Disney+ and stay connected on its social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more exciting South Korean content, international drama, variety shows and more this coming holidays.

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