Local Singer-Songwriter Duo Amanda Ong And Sope Release ‘Diabetes’, Taking A Look At The Health Condition That Changed Their Lives

World Diabetes Day is created in response to rising threats of diabetes. Some misconceptions that people have is that this disease only affects the older people. Meet these youths, Amanda Ong and Sope, who has Type 2 diabetes. Just in time for World Diabetes Day, the duo has released the song, Diabetes, that shared about their experiences with the disease.

Amanda & Sope Credits: Shaun Spencer

The song brings us through their highs and lows of their journey from getting to know about their diagnoses to how it has affected their life. The upbeat and backing guitar track gives us an insight how the duo had to make changes their daily life and the changes they have to make ever since the diagnosis. A nice way to create awareness about an issue without dismissing the seriousness of the issue.

We wish the duo best of health and to all of you out there, please take care and remember to do your yearly check ups.


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