465 Presents: RRILEY Echoes Her Frustrations & (ASMR Sounds) in her Debut Single “You Should Have Said So”

RRILEY releases her debut single – You Should Have Said So infused with unique ASMR sounds under 465, the newly launched indie-pop label founded by Zendyll and The Kennel Asia. The single is also available in Spatial Audio, providing a one-of-a-kind listening experience that is music to the ears (no pun intended).

Sandra Riley Tang

Credits: Zendyll

You Should Have Said So expresses the frustrations one feels when people are not transparent with their feelings. It is essential to stand your ground and not dwell on unpleasant moments. This track serves as a reminder to pick yourself up, say your piece, and move on from bad experiences – a pet peeve RRILEY overcame and channelled into the R&B-pop number!

RRILEY collaborated on the track with Clement Ng and Daphne Khoo amidst the COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore in 2020. It is produced by RIIDEM and Claire Chew and delivers an unconventional pop sound. RRILEY and the team incorporated psychedelic notes using ordinary items such as keys, water droplets, credits cards and more to create a sound fitting for the track in their own means. Strap on a pair of quality headphones and be immersed into the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) experience through the Spatial Audio version available on Apple Music.

Directed and shot by Singaporean self-taught cinematographer Benjamin Ong, the music video is an abstract interpretation of the emotional roller coaster that the song conveys lyrically and sonically. Key scenes of the music video were shot on Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro which highlights the impressive quality of its camera and feature such as Cinematic mode and ProRes.

Be sure to check out the 18-hours worth of footage and stylized choreography when the video drops on 24th November. Stay tuned to RRILEY’s social media handles; YouTube and Instagram for more updates!

You Should Have Said So by RRILEY is avaialble to stream on Spotify and all major streaming platforms now!

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