The Caifan Song that We Need in Our Life

Growing up in multi-racial Singapore, it is very common to pick up words or phrases that is not in your native language. Since my Primary School days, I have been staying tuned to the 7pm and 9pm time belts on MediaCorp Channel 8. As a result, I have picked up some Mandarin words over time. Recently, I came across a song that is catchy and relatable, and which I think many Singaporeans would relate to.

这个那个 (The Caifan Song) sung by Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee depicts Kheng and Lee in a stressful situation when purchasing mixed rice, otherwise known as caifan in Mandarin. I am sure you can relate to this especially when it is your turn to order and you are overwhelmed by the choices presented in front of you. Not wanting to hold up the queue, you would just hastily point to the safest choices. Am I the only one who ends up regretting my decision when I finally make my payment? It is then that I realise I could have ordered something else.

By the end of this song, I am sure you cannot wait to do a parody of the song and record it. You are not alone because a lot of celebrities have been doing that.

Other than caifan, anyone else wants to eat chicken nuggets instead because of the way Kheng and Lee enunciate 这个那个 (this or that)?

这个那个 (The Caifan Song) is part of The Ann & Ben Show, a new comedy music video series. When talented individuals such as Kheng and Lee collaborate, it is no surprise that the The Ann & Ben Show produces excellent content. I cannot wait to hear more from them!

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