Scan QR Codes at Multiple Locations for “Live” Performances : ARtistry@Somerset by Zendyll Music Agency

With technology taking over the world, it is not surprising that we can now enjoy music on another level. Imagine watching your local artistes performing by just scanning a QR code and ta-da, you get to see them “live”.

Credits: ZENDYLL

Introducing ARtistry@Somerset by Zendyll Music Agency. You will get to enjoy minute-long augmented reality (AR) performances by five local talents such as R&B singer Feez, singer-songwriter Iman Fandi, DJ Intriguant, pop star RRILEY and rapper Yung Raja. From now till end of the year, take some time to explore the area around Somerset and you get to enjoy these performances by just scanning the QR codes at these locations; Skate Park, Youth Park, Triple One Somerset, Cineleisure and *SCAPE.
So if you are around the area, do head down to the locations and enjoy this new experience!

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